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On-Grid Solar Systems

Seamlessly integrated with the local electricity grid, on-grid systems enable clients to generate solar power and feed surplus electricity back into the grid. These systems are optimized for areas with stable grid connectivity, allowing users to leverage net metering arrangements and potentially earn credits or incentives from utility companies like KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board).

Off-Grid Solar Systems with Power Backup

For locations without reliable grid access or in remote areas, off-grid solar systems provide an autonomous energy solution. These systems incorporate battery storage technology to store excess solar energy generated during sunny periods. This stored energy acts as a reliable power backup, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply even during KSEB outages or at night. The inclusion of power backup enhances the resilience and reliability of off-grid solar systems, offering peace of mind to clients regardless of grid conditions.

On-Grid to Off-Grid Conversion Services

Solar Panel Installation and Services facilitates seamless transitions from on-grid to off-grid setups. Through professional conversion services, existing solar installations can be upgraded to include battery storage and additional components necessary for off-grid operation. This conversion empowers clients to enhance their energy independence and resilience while maximizing the benefits of solar energy, including reliable power backup during grid disruptions.


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